Our Wines


Wine list:

        Deep Red, a big bold red based on a North Coast Cabernet.
        Southern Cross Red, A smooth red blend with soft berry tones          with a burst of dark fruits on the finish.
        Southern Cross BOLD, (Sold Out) A Big bold oaky red similar          to the Malbec’s from South America.
        Crimson Cabernet , A flavorful wine bursting with                              fresh dark fruits forward, followed by soft vanilla oak, with a                  hint of hibiscus flower and pepper on the finish.
        Cabernet Sauvignon, A flavorful wine with black currant, dark            berries, and a hint of vanilla and toasted oak. Aged in American            and French oak.

        Pinot Grigio’ Flavors of pineapple, grapefruit, and honey, with            buttery notes of peach, pear and fresh Apple on the palate. A                beautifully dry and crisp wine.
        Chardonnay Aromas of pineapple, lemongrass, and citrus. A                smooth buttery finish with a hint of vanilla and toasted oak.

    Fruit wines
      Berry Happy, this is a wine made from Raspberry, Blackberry,          Strawberry, and Blueberry with a touch a lemon.
      White Cranberry, White cranberries are much less tart than red          cranberries but with all the flavor of red cranberries.
      Raspberry Dragon fruit, this is an amazing wine with Raspberry        up front and Dragon fruit on the finish.
      Green Apple, this is a crisp, soft wine bursting with green apple          taste and slightly tart.
      Blackberry, this blackberry wine is a soft, not too tart wine, with      the taste of fresh blackberries.
      Sangria, Raspberry Peach, A classic sangria in a refreshing light        wine!
      Peach  100% Georgia Grown peach wine!  Tastes like biting into a        fresh peach!